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The GPS provides new insights into risk and time preferences, positive and negative reciprocity, altruism, and trust. To create your own country comparisons and rankings, please select a group of countries and the preference(s) of interest. You may export the rankings and publish them citing the following two papers:
Falk, A., Becker, A., Dohmen, T., Enke, B., Huffman, D., & Sunde, U. (2018). Global evidence on economic preferences. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 133 (4), 1645–1692. Falk, A., Becker, A., Dohmen, T. J., Huffman, D., & Sunde, U. (2016). The preference survey module: A validated instrument for measuring risk, time, and social preferences. IZA Discussion Paper No. 9674.

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Rank Country Patience Risk taking Positive reciprocity Negative reciprocity Altruism Trust
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