Here you can find papers that use or are related to the GPS dataset or the preference module. In addition to own work, we provide you with information on other scientific papers as well as media articles citing the GPS. Researchers using the GPS data or the preference module are kindly asked to send us their paper or a link to their work. This will help us inform the research community about the ongoing progress and related work.

Top keywords of papers and articles citing the GPS
Top JEL codes of papers and articles citing the GPS
Total number of papers and articles citing the GPS
Zoe Cullen, Ricardo Perez-Truglia (2022). How Much Does Your Boss Make? The Effects Of Salary Comparisons. Academic Paper
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Jorge Gonzalez Chapela (2022). Is There A Patience Premium On Migration? Academic Paper
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Eva Ranehill, Roberto A. Weber (2022). Gender Preference Gaps And Voting For Redistribution. Academic Paper
Swee‐Hoon Chuah, Simon Gaechter, Robert Hoffmann, Jonathan Tan (2022). Who Discriminates? Evidence From A Trust Game Experiment Across Three Societies. Working Paper
Michael Kosfeld, Zahra Sharaf (2022). The Preference Survey Module: New Evidence On Social Preferences From Tehran. Working Paper
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Jingcheng Fu, Xing Zhang, Songfa Zhong (2022). Preferences For Hedging In Multiple-Choice Tests. Working Paper
Joop Adema, Till Nikolka, Panu Poutvaara, Uwe Sunde (2022). On The Stability Of Risk Preferences: Measurement Matters. Academic Paper
Elke D. Groh, Andreas Ziegler (2022). On The Relevance Of Values, Norms, And Economic Preferences For Electricity Consumption. Academic Paper
Hanna Julia Ihli, Brian Chiputwa, Etti Winter, Anja Gassner (2022). Risk And Time Preferences For Participating In Forest Landscape Restoration: The Case Of Coffee Farmers In Uganda. Academic Paper
Mika Nieminen (2022). Cross-Country Variation In Patience, Persistent Current Account Imbalances And The External Wealth Of Nations. Academic Paper
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Sascha Kuhn, Florian Kutzner, John Thogersen (2022). How To Make Energy Efficiency Labels More Effective: Insights From Discrete Choice Experiments In Ghana And The Philippines. Academic Paper
Riyad Salim Al-Issa, Steven Eric Krauss, Samsilah Roslan, Haslinda Abdullah (2022). Can I Pay At Purgatory? The Negative Impact Of The Purgatory Ethic In Islamic Societies: Theoretical And Empirical Evidence. Academic Paper
Massimo Filippini, Markus Leippold, Tobias Wekhof (2022). Sustainable Finance Literacy And The Determinants Of Sustainable Investing. Working Paper
Maria A. Cattaneo, Stefan C. Wolter (2022). “Against All Odds” Does Awareness Of The Risk Of Failure Matter For Educational Choices? Academic Paper
Shafkat Shafi Dar, Sohini Sahu (2022). The Effect Of Language On Financial Inclusion. Academic Paper
Stefania Innocenti, Marta Golin (2022). Human Capital Investment And Perceived Automation Risks: Evidence From 16 Countries. Academic Paper
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Inhwa Kim, Keith J. Gamble (2022). Too Much Or Too Little Information: How Unknown Uncertainty Fuels Time Inconsistency. Academic Paper
Nurullah Gur (2022). Patience And Financial Development. Academic Paper
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